Notes From the Field

Taking too much with you.  On a recent trip I took too much gear again,....  I was mostly out to shoot birds but J.I.C.  I brought along six lenses.  The only lens changes I did was to add and or remove the 1.4 teleconverter from my Olympus 300mm F4 Pro lens.   My iPhone did all the rest!  OK with a little help from the TG-Tracker so I would not drown a camera again...


Do not take it and you will be happier.   

Reducing complexity

There is just too much getting in the way of photography.  Do you have the right camera, lens, gadget?  With all of the tools available to us we forget or miss the opportunity to just capture that moment.  

Today you can almost always have a camera in your purse or pocket.  From an iPhone SE to the iPad Pro there is always a camera with me.  Grab that memory, save it, share it!