A bit of my "Audio" History

I have been an "Audio Hobbyist" for most of my life.  Over the years I have had the great fortune of being able play with and learn about music reproduction from the 8-track to the CES introduction of the CD onward to MQA encoded streaming.  From lugging my 4-track reel to reel tape recorder and Koss Pro-4 AA headphones on vacation in the 1960's to today with my iPhone and the Chord Mojo DAC/Headphone amplifier to drive my headphones.

What an amazing journey.

During the first 8 months of 2017 I had the privilege of working at Audio Consultants in Hinsdale, IL.  As of September 2nd the store was closed and another chapter of my journey has to close.  While working for Audio Consuntants I had the opportunity to attend Transparent Cable training and much more.

The intent of this blog is to share my enthusiasm and experience with my readers.  I have a lot of material to transcribe so please follow along as there should be a little bit of something for everyone who enjoys listening to music.