That silence you hear your phone not ringing

Well only one ring.   We have to slow down and wait for the second ring; if that does not come then NOMOROBO has taken the call for you.  If your telephone carrier for your landline or VOIP line are on the list of supported services you should set this up now.

**Coming soon to the service is a paid version that will work with cell phones. If your phone providers  is supported you can just create an account and add your phone number to NOMOROBO.  Then follow the instructions for your phone service.

Please Stand by

Heron Rookery (Early spring nest building)

Heron Rookery

I have moved the website from Squarespace to WordPress.  Sections of the site will be under construction for a couple of weeks.  Pardon any dropped nesting materials!


I am Concerned for Microsoft Windows Users

Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 very hard and I am not buying their push.  Several of my customers have had their computers rendered in-operable or partially in-operable. At one point I was actively supporting Microsoft in providing a newer-better OS.  Now my customers have had multiple instances of failures in the start menu and computers that act like they have hardware failures after installing the fast paced updates for Windows 10.  They have had work in progress halted for hours while Windows 10 is installing and in some cases more time lost reverting back to the previous version.

Enough is Enough


If you are on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 just stay there for now.  If you are buying a new Windows PC you will almost be forced to Windows 10 and is should be OK.

For most people preventing Windows 10 install is kind of hard but there is a tool to help with that.  Never10 from Gibson Research.  Please feel free to run the Never 10 utility and turn off the Windows 10 upgrade.  You can turn it back on again if you desire.


Bob Fairbairn

NOTE:  I am not alone in having very mixed feelings on this.  ARS Technica has a nice summary article on this


Microsoft’s Windows 10 push is effective, damaging, desirable, and deceptive

Apple QuickTime on Windows

It appears that Apple has stopped updating QuickTime for Windows and there are un-patched security issues with the software.  US-CERT and others are suggesting that you un-install QuickTime from Windows Machines.   

With the advent of HTML5 QuickTime Player is not really needed on Windows.  

This is a reminder for all of us to review the applications installed on our computers and to remove software we are not using. 



Holiday computer “fixup”

This time of year I spend a lot more time helping family and friends with their computing needs.  Many of the issues and problems can be averted simply with little effort.  In this note I will try to cover the basics to help others help themselves.   

The most important tip is to ensure that the computer and other devices such as iPhones are being backed up on a regular basis.  For both Mac and Windows systems online backup is most likely the simplest and safest method to keep your data backed up and off site to reduce risk of loss.  The two systems I like best are BackBlaze and Crashplan.  My personal systems are now being backed up with BackBlaze.  



We use our devices a lot more for capturing and collecting memories such as pictures and videos.  Ensuring that our images are safely backed up and available is getting simpler.  Google and Apple both have photo management systems that help by synchronizing our memories to their cloud based services.  These tools will help ensure that you do not loose your images.   Both systems can help with phones running out of space. 





These little items will take you a long way to keeping your data safe from loss and corruption.  In the next post I will talk a bit about computer security..


Windows 10 Reminder!

Many of my clients have been using Windows PC’s for a long time and Microsoft is doing something this year that is un-precedented they are offering a free upgrade to Windows 10.  If your computer is  eligible for the upgrade to Windows 10 it is free.  For most home users and many businesses this is a very good idea.  Windows 10 seems to be more stable and has better performance on many of the computers I have installed it on.  Before you do an upgrade like this make sure your system is backed up and check to ensure that the software you use will work on Windows 10.  


Microsoft indicated that this offer is for one year so before July of 2016 evaluate this option.



Windows 10 is Almost Here!

Windows 10 is almost here: UPGRADE – – – maybe!

Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 in a few days. The release seems very stable and has some great improvements and some concessions to the past. Depending upon your situation the upgrade is great. The testing I have done has proven to me that Windows 10 is a good upgrade for many.

Take care before you upgrade.  Backup your PC and all your data.  Consider an image backup that makes a bootable copy of your existing hard drive.

You need to ensure that the software you use will work with Windows 10.  Microsoft has a good website with more information:


Check the software you are using to validate that it is compatible.